Elm City Popfest

A Sunny Day In Glasgow to headline first Elm City PopFest — New Haven, Conn., Nov. 14

Our friends at Tweefort have teamed up with ArtSpace New Haven and the Connecticut indie music blog CT Indie to present the first Elm City PopFest — a full day of music to benefit the arts in New Haven. Two shows will be presented on Saturday, Nov. 14 with 7 bands, headlined by Philadelphia dream-pop outfit A Sunny Day In Glasgow.

The music will start at 3 p.m. at the ArtSpace gallery at 50 Orange St., downtown New Haven. Headlining the afternoon show will be New York indiepop band The Metric Mile. Also playing will be Fay Rey (New Haven/New York) followed by One Happy Island (Boston), The Sugarplums (Baltimore) and The Cavemen Go (New Haven/Boston). Members of the band Boy Genius (New York) will DJ.

The music will continue at 8 p.m. with the ArtSpace Underground @ Elm City PopFest. There will be a DJ and performance art, as well as music from The Tyler Trudeau Attempt (New Haven) and the festival headliner, A Sunny Day In Glasgow. Drinks will be provided at the evening event by New Haven's 116 Crown.

Each show will be $5, or $8 for both shows. All proceeds will go to benefit ArtSpace New Haven, which has undergone more than $90,000 in budget cuts this year.

For more information, check out http://tweefort.com/

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