New Burning Hearts EP

New Burning Hearts EP - comes out June 21st on Shelflife Records.

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NYC Popfest 2011 Mix

To familiarize you with the bands playing this year’s festival, I’ve put together a mix which showcases the bands playing NYC Popfest 2011! You can download it for free here:



01. Betty & The Werewolves – Paper Thin

02. CAUCUS – Wandering Ones

03. Sea Lions – Good Feelings

04. Pet Milk – Cherry Outlines

05. Soda Shop – Farewell

06. The Sunny Street – College

07. Days – Downhill

08. Persian Rugs – Always All

09. Panda Riot – 16 Seconds

10. Amida – Virtue Was Your Downfall

11. Summer Fiction – Chandeliers

12. Chalk & Numbers – He Knew

13. Dream Diary – Something Tell Her

14. The Felt Tips – Boyfriend Devoted

15. Go Sailor – Together Forever In Love

16. Gold-Bears – Something To Think About

17. CUFFS – Albert Kroft (Demo)

18. The Hairs – Duh x 12

19. Procedure Club – Feel Sorry For Me

20. Shrag – Rabbit Kids

21. The Specific Heats – End of an Error

22. Silver Swans – Secrets

23. Tiny Fireflies – Snow

24. The Motifs – Backwards

1 hr 8min | mix by Dr Maz


Songs of 2010

Better late than never.. Here are just some of my favorite songs of last year! I just have enough to fit on a CD-r -- though I'm not sure anyone still uses CDs. Enjoy!

Dr Maz presents Songs of 2010


01 Wild Nothing - Chinatown
02 Shrag - Rabbit Kids
03 Girls - Heartbreaker
04 Tennis - Marathon
05 The Electric Pop Group - The Way It Used To Be
06 Seapony - Dreaming
07 Reading Rainbow - Wasting Time
08 Veronica Falls - Beachy Head
09 Gold-Bears - Tally
10 Hunx and His Punx - You Don't Like Rock and Roll
11 Harlem - Someday Soon
12 La Sera - Never Come Around
13 The Radio Dept. - Heaven's On Fire
14 CEO - Illuminata
15 Belle & Sebastian - I Want The World To Stop
16 Teenage Fanclub - Baby Lee
17 Best Coast - Crazy For You
18 Northern Portrait - When Goodness Falls
19 The School - Can't Understand
20 Aias - Aias
21 Catwalk - (Please) Don't Break Me
22 Allo Darlin - My Heart is a Drummer
23 Still Corners - Endless Summer




CMJ 2010

print designed by nate duval

The CMJ Music Festival is nearly here! With so many exciting bands this year, I've put together a mix to get you acquianted with some of the bands playing next week.


01. Wild Nothing - Live in Dreams
02. Kisses - Kisses
03. Oberhofer - Don'tneedya
04. Beach Fossils - Face It
05. Allo Darlin' - If Loneliness Was Art
06. Darren Hanlon - All These Things
07. Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr - Simple Girl
08. Dream Diary - Is He Really Mine?
09. Crayon Fields - How Loved You Are
10. Magic Bullets - Sigh The Day Away
11. Shrag - Rabbit Kids
12. Eternal Summers - Pogo
13. La Sera - Never Come Around
14. Dead Leaf Echo - Half-Truth

{ download mix }


Still Corners

Do you love Broadcast, Blonde Redhead, Camera Obscura? Then you will absolutely fall for London's Still Corners. Dreamy, hazy, and beautiful.

Endless Summer { mp3 }

History of Love { mp3 }

{ myspace }



Cats On Fire (the best band to come out of Finland) have just released a 20-track compilation of some of their earlier recordings. The compilation starts off with a cover of one of my all-time favorite songs, White Town's "Your Woman". Get the album on Matinee records.

{ mp3 } Cats On Fire - Your Woman (White Town Cover)

The Divine Comedy release a new single from their tenth (!!) album "Bang Goes The Knighthood" on May 23rd. The single is titled "At The Indie Disco" -- which is where I was in Glasgow on Sunday night!

{ mp3 } The Divine Comedy - At The Indie Disco

As I recently returned from Glasgow (my current favorite city), I should mention one Scottish band to check out.....

Zoey van Goey are that band! They will soon to release their second album. I was fortunate to catch them play a matinee show at Captains Rest on Sunday and thought they were terrific. Their debut album was released in the US earlier this year. Highly recommended!

{ mp3 } Zoey van Goey - We Don't Have That Kind of Bread

Also, if you're in NYC this Friday, i'll probably play these songs and many more at MONDO! So come dance with me!



Indonesian pop band Annemarie are currently working hard recording their second album. Their debut album "ABC on TV" was one my favorite albums of 2007. Their charming and tuneful indiepop is perfect for summer afternoons. The new album will feature latin and jazz elements, while still holding onto their signature jangly guitar sound.

Annemarie - Blue Sky on Holiday

{ myspace }

Also, check out this video from their first album.