the tartans

jangly Los Angeles indiepop band, the Tartans, have posted a few new songs on their myspace page which will appear on their next YAY! records single.

...and good news for those of you on the east coast, the band will be playing a few live shows in may! *hint hint*

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suburban kids with biblical names

Here's good news for those of you who love joyful and shambolic Swedish indie pop -- The new Suburban Kids With Biblical Names EP, #4, is now out on Labrador Records and a new album is expected to be released this Spring!

Track listing:
01. 1999 { mp3 }
02. Studenter På Flak
03. Europa { video }
04. World Music

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the ballet

For those of you in the new york city area, we've got a wonderful treat for you at the Mondo this Friday!

new york city's finest sissy pop band, the Ballet, are going to be gracing our stage at don hills!

they haven't played a headlining show in nyc in a long time. so come for the ballet, stay for the indiepop dance party! print out our flyer and get in for just $5.

{ mp3 } in my head

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cats on fire

Finland's Cats On Fire are simply astounding. Their new album, Our Temperance Movement, will be released March 11th. And if it's anything like their debut, it'll probably not leave my CD player for months on end. You can pre-order the album here.

Here's a beautiful song from the new album.

{ mp3 } Garden Lights

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butcher boy

Glasgow's Butcher Boy released one of my favorite albums of 2007. They're a seven piece band with a classy, sophisticated pop sound which should please fans of Tindersticks, Felt, and Belle & Sebastian.

This is the new single from the new album React or Die. It hits stores in April but you can get an advanced copy from How Does It Feel To Be Loved?.

{ mp3 } Carve a Pattern

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best of 08 mix

Since i was about 18, at the end of every year, i would make a compilation cd (or cassette tape) of my favorite songs of the year and send it out to my friends. now that i have a music blog, i'll post my mixes online for you to download. enjoy!

Dr Maz presents The Best of 2008

Disc One
The Wave Pictures - Leave The Scene Behind
Summer Cats - Lonely Planet
The School - Let It Slip
Cocoanut Groove - The End of Summer on Bookbinder Road
Speedmarket Avenue - Way Better Now
Wake the President - You Can't Change That Boy
This Is Ivy League - The Richest Kids
The Futureheads - The Beginning of the Twist
Nodzzz - I Don’t Wanna (Smoke Marijuana)
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Everything With You
Vivian Girls - Tell The World
Comet Gain - Love Without Lies
Fanfarlo - Harold T. Wilkins
Je Suis Animal - Hotel Electrique

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Total Time 41 min 23 seconds

Disc Two
Air France - No Excuses
Twig - Ciao Ciao Bomb
Hatcham Social - So So Happy Making
Sexy Kids - Sisters Are Forever
Catwalk - Past Afar
My Teenage Stride - Theme From Teenage Suicide
The Lodger - The Good Old Days
Love Is All - Wishing Well
Minisnap - Whistler
Strawberry Fair - Why Won't He Answer
The Tartans - My Baby Doesn't Care For You
Afternoon Naps - Clean Bill of Health
Voyage - Kitten In The Snow
Parker Lewis - 75 Days
Japan Air - Claire
Northern Portrait - Crazy

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Total Time 49 min 29 seconds

hatcham social

london three-piece hatcham social have just released a US only EP called "Postcard In Colours". if you're into orange juice and josef k, you'll probably need to have it. the first track is especially good.

track listing:
01. so so happy making { mp3 }
02. wild creatures
03. penelope (under my hat)
04. til the dawn
05. jabberwocky
06. berlin

purchase from insound

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don lennon

Don Lennon is hilarious. He lives in New York, but used to be the singer/songwriter in a Boston band called The Umpteens.

Below is a favorite of mine -the lyrics are hysterical ("I drove your girlfriend home one night, she has a really awesome body", and the music captivating. BUT BEWARE... this song will definitely give you an earworm.

{ mp3 } Our Bodies

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* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Also, if you like legos and new york city (who doesn't?)... this is cute - I Lego NY

the cat's miaow

The Cat's Miaow is an indiepop band formed in Melbourne, Australia. (not to be confused with Miaow - the British band on the C86 cassette tape). The band released several cassettes in the early 90's before US label Bust Stop compiled their songs on a CD "A Kiss and a Cuddle". The song below is the well-known Maxine Nightingale cover from a 1996 split 7". It's a beautiful cover thanks to Kerrie's delicate vocals.

{ mp3 } Right Back Where We Started From

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mexican kids at home

just released is a 3" CD-r on weePOP! records from mexican kids at home - a 5 piece band from Derbyshire, England. they describe themselves as "four skateboarders and a girl singer.”

{ mp3 } No Eyed Deers

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the besties

Brooklyn indiepop band, the besties have just released their new album home free. it's available at hugpatch records and darla.

the CD release party is feb. 26th at union pool with Used Kids & The Measure

{ mp3 } What Would Tim Armstrong Do?

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nodzzz are described as "lo-fi garage-punk-poppy awesomeness from SF". can't argue with that. they're playing a few shows in new york city this weekend.

2-5-09 Vassar College Poughkeepsie, NY (with Woods, Waaves)
2-6-09 Market Hotel Brooklyn, NY (with Woods, Waaves, Blank Dogs, Gary War)
2-7-09 Less Artists More Condos NY, NY (with Woods, Waaves, Blank Dogs, Gary War)
2-8-09 Barnard College NY, NY (2pm show)

{ mp3 } i don't wanna (smoke marijuana)

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burning hearts

burning hearts are jessika (singer in le futur pompiste and keyboards in cats on fire) and henry (drummer in cats on fire). they just released a gorgeous album on shelflife records called aboa sleeping. burning hearts are named after a song by the amazing nyc cult indiepop band My Favorite.

you'll probably love it.

{ mp3 } various lives

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town bike

town bike are an indie-pop-punk band from liverpool. they are super fun.

their debut album Go! Fight! Win! will be released on Super Kawaii POP! on March 16th.

prior to that, the single PROM NIGHT will be available as a free Internet download only from their website, from February 14th, the perfect Valentines gift!

{ mp3 } ride of ya life

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