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Boy Genius have released the first song from their second album "Staggering", to be released January 2010.

{ mp3 } old new england
{ myspace }

Pants Yell! have a new album coming out! 'RECEIVED PRONUNCIATION' will be available November 10th on Slumberland Records.

Listen to their new song "Cold Hands" on the myspace page.

Free Loan Investments have released their final EP on Magic Marker records! The 7" + digital download is available here for only $4.

Katsen - "the sexy electronic pop band from Brighton" - have just released their debut album "It Hertz!" on Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation in the UK. Free mp3s below.

{ mp3 } let's build a city
{ mp3 } cactus
{ myspace }

and here's a katzen video:

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