Cats On Fire (the best band to come out of Finland) have just released a 20-track compilation of some of their earlier recordings. The compilation starts off with a cover of one of my all-time favorite songs, White Town's "Your Woman". Get the album on Matinee records.

{ mp3 } Cats On Fire - Your Woman (White Town Cover)

The Divine Comedy release a new single from their tenth (!!) album "Bang Goes The Knighthood" on May 23rd. The single is titled "At The Indie Disco" -- which is where I was in Glasgow on Sunday night!

{ mp3 } The Divine Comedy - At The Indie Disco

As I recently returned from Glasgow (my current favorite city), I should mention one Scottish band to check out.....

Zoey van Goey are that band! They will soon to release their second album. I was fortunate to catch them play a matinee show at Captains Rest on Sunday and thought they were terrific. Their debut album was released in the US earlier this year. Highly recommended!

{ mp3 } Zoey van Goey - We Don't Have That Kind of Bread

Also, if you're in NYC this Friday, i'll probably play these songs and many more at MONDO! So come dance with me!

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